Mother’s Restaurant

Mother’s Restaurant
401 Poydras St., 504.523.9656

Three and a Half out of Five Stars

What the Stars Mean: The ratings are from 1 to 5 stars.  Po’Boy quality is the only factor in rating.

Open: 7 AM-10 PM, Daily.

Prices: Meal Cost, $14 to $26.

Credit Cards: Most Major

Parking: Street.


Wheelchair Access: Yes

Best Bets: Ferdi Special ($10.75), Shrimp Po’Boy ($13.75), Ham Po’ Boy($10), Ralph Special ($11.25)

The Ferdi Special


Mother’s opened it’s doors in 1938 and has been charming customers with it’s delicious deli meats ever since.  It was started by the Landry family, a clan filled with lifetime military servicemen.  It was from this heritage that Mother’s gained earned its name (a mother is a gunnery sergeant in the marines).  To this day servicemen in uniform eat for free at Mother’s.  The highlight of Mother’s menu are its deli meats, which are made in-house.  They cover their ham and turkey in a delicious special secret glaze containing Barq’s root beer.  The best use of these meats is in the Ferdi Special.  The Ferdi Special Po-Boy consists of  Ham, roast beef, debris and gravy. Debris is the roast beef that falls into the gravy while baking in the oven. The sandwich is named after Mr. Ferdi, a local merchant and regular Mother’s patron, who supposedly asked for ham to be added to his roast beef po’boy. The Ralph special, named after his nephew, has cheese.  Both of these sandwiches are truly delicious.  The seafood at Mother’s, however, is relatively mediocre.  Patrons should stick to the Ferdi and Ralph Specials.  Mother’s mediocre seafood prevents it from being truly elite but because of its excellent Ferdi Special it still receives 3 1/2 out of 5 Stars.

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