Liuzza’s Restaurant & Bar

3636 Bienville Avenue, 504.482.9120

Three out of Five Stars

What the Stars Mean: The ratings are from 1 to 5 stars.  Po’Boy quality is the only factor in rating.

Open: 11 AM-10 PM, Open Tuesday-Saturday.

Prices: Meal Cost, $14 to $28.

Credit Cards: None, ATM

Parking: Street.


Wheelchair Access: Yes

Best Bets: Frenchaletta ($14), French Fry Po’ Boy ($7.5), Meatball Po’ Boy($9), Sausage Po’ Boy($9)


Liuzza’s started as a tradition Italian Neighborhood bar in 1947 but over the years it has developed a large repertoire of traditional New Orleans Dishes.  It is now well known as one of the original Po’ Boy restaurants of New Orleans.  Liuzza’s reflects their strong Italian heritage in their menu, serving items such as Italian sausage and meatballs.   The sausage Po’Boy at Liuzza’s is simply delicious.  The sausage is spicy and the meat lack s the grainy texture found in many low quality sausages.  The sausage snaps when you bite off a piece of it, like it should.  The kitchen at Liuzza’s places these sausages in between two aged(crispy) pieces of french bread that compliments the snap of the sausage.  Liuzza’s also serves an excellent take on a more traditional type of Po’ Boy, Roast Beef.  The roast beef at Liuzza’s is also a bit spicy and is more of a chunky debris than at most places.  Liuzza’s pride and glory is their Frenchaletta, which is basically a Mufaletta Po’ Boy with Liuzza’s special olives.  Unfortunately the oyster and shrimp Po’ Boys are sub-par at Liuzza’s.  Liuzza’s does well with beef Po’ Boys but lacks strong seafood.  Therefore, they receive a generous 3 out of 5 stars.

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